Gerson International 6'H Electric 特価 White Decor Birch Tree 7 Home White,/expediency620117.html,7,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Electric,Gerson,Home,6'H,Decor,,84円,International,,Tree,Birch White,/expediency620117.html,7,Home Kitchen , Seasonal Décor,Electric,Gerson,Home,6'H,Decor,,84円,International,,Tree,Birch Gerson International 6'H Electric 特価 White Decor Birch Tree 7 Home 84円 Gerson International 6'H Electric White Birch Tree Home Decor, 7 Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor 84円 Gerson International 6'H Electric White Birch Tree Home Decor, 7 Home Kitchen Seasonal Décor

Gerson International 6'H Electric 特価 White 超歓迎された Decor Birch Tree 7 Home

Gerson International 6'H Electric White Birch Tree Home Decor, 7


Gerson International 6'H Electric White Birch Tree Home Decor, 7

Product description

A great accent to any décor, use this 6-foot high electric white birth tree to add light and backdrop for your seasonal home décor. This metal tree is wrapped to give it a smooth textured, elegant birch appearance and hold 588 bright warm and cool white LED lights that will shine among the branches. Elegant for year-round use, you can also add sprigs of floral, hang ornaments, there is no limit on what you can do to with this accent tree that is just the right size for apartments to entryways, enjoy in your home decor. Equipped with 5 function indoor/outdoor adapter for use indoors or on a covered porch.

Gerson International 6'H Electric White Birch Tree Home Decor, 7

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