3Pcs,Duvet,EasyNatures,42円,African,Covers,/dowlas620319.html,Customizable,Set,bizybe.com,Name,Amer,Home Kitchen , Bedding 3Pcs,Duvet,EasyNatures,42円,African,Covers,/dowlas620319.html,Customizable,Set,bizybe.com,Name,Amer,Home Kitchen , Bedding EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers 店内全品対象 Set African Amer Name Customizable 42円 EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers Set Customizable Name African Amer Home Kitchen Bedding 42円 EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers Set Customizable Name African Amer Home Kitchen Bedding EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers 店内全品対象 Set African Amer Name Customizable

新発売 EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers 店内全品対象 Set African Amer Name Customizable

EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers Set Customizable Name African Amer


EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers Set Customizable Name African Amer

Product description

Color:Mother Kissing Daughter

EasyNatures Fully Personalized BeddingSets * Ultra-soft, Lightweight, and Luxurious Bed Sheets * Single Sided amp;Double Sided * Friends and Family Personalized Gift.

Bedding Sets come with one duvet cover, 2pillow cases. Comforter, Bed sheets and pillow inserts are not included.

EasyNatures Personalized Bedding Setscombines comfort, luxury, and thoughtfulness into one blissfully warm package.The plush and warm Bedding Sets is lightweight, soft, and feels heavenly on theskin.

It’s so easy to maintain. Just toss it inthe machine on a gentle cycle and it’s as good as new. No ironing required.

This Bedding Sets is a practical, fun, andloving gift. You cannot go wrong with it

Please note: Comforter or duvet insert isNOT included.


Materia: 100% Polyester


Twin - 86" x 68"/218 x 173 cm

Full - 88" x 80"/224 x 203 cm

Queen - 88" x 88"/224 x 224 cm

King - 104" x 88"/264 x 224 cm

Packing list:

3Piece Bedding Set:

1 * Duvet Cover

2 * Decorative Pillowcases


EasyNatures 3Pcs Duvet Covers Set Customizable Name African Amer

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