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Uvex 百貨店 Women's 高級 Work Shoes

Uvex Women's Work Shoes


Uvex Women's Work Shoes

Product description

Uvex 1 - Redefine performance.
Uvex 1 safety shoes protect and support the human body optimally in its individual movement. Based on the latest physiological research findings and innovative technologies, the stresses that work on the musculoskeletal system are reduced and the well-being of the safety shoe wearer is optimised. The ergonomic construction of the Uvex 1 safety shoes provides the perfect balance between protection and comfort. The design impresses with clear lines and reduction.

Protection features:
- Protection class S3 according to EN ISO 20345: 2011 with additional marking for very good slip resistance (src).
- Meets the ESD specifications with conductive resistance of less than 35 megaohm.
- 100% metal-free Uvex toe cap - compact, anatomically shaped, with good side stability and thermally non-conductive.
- Non-metallic, puncture-resistant insole according to the latest standards, does not affect the flexibility of the shoe. Ergonomically designed outsole made of two-density polyurethane with very good slip resistance.

Comfort features:
- Exceptional wearing comfort, to which a newly developed strip contributes as well as the climate-optimised, breathable materials gt; - to avoid pressure points, almost seamless shaft construction made of particularly soft cowhide leather.
- Replaceable anti-static comfort footbed with moisture transport system and additional heel and forefoot cushioning.
- Soft padded dust flap and collar.


Uvex Women's Work Shoes

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Officials 94.485
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