,Decorative,Perfect,/cornhusk901736.html,x,1,Pillow,30円,Truck,Lumbar,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pillow,,Christmas,12",Decorative,Perfect,/cornhusk901736.html,x,1,Pillow,30円,Truck,Lumbar,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Pillow,,Christmas,12" 30円 Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative Lumbar Pillow, 12" x 1 Home Kitchen Bedding Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative 返品不可 Lumbar x 12" 1 30円 Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative Lumbar Pillow, 12" x 1 Home Kitchen Bedding Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative 返品不可 Lumbar x 12" 1

Pillow 直営限定アウトレット Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative 返品不可 Lumbar x 12

Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative Lumbar Pillow, 12" x 1


Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative Lumbar Pillow, 12" x 1

Product description

Style Name:Lumbar Pillow, Christmas Tuck

Spread the joy of this magical season by adding this charming accent pillow to your holiday home. Beaded amp; embroidered artistic details display a nostalgic red truck carrying a tree fresh from the farm. The winter white textured background resembling snow, is a nice contrast to the traditional Christmas colors that are shimming with gold highlights. Additional features of this decorative pillow include a red welt cord, zippered closure with a pillow insert containing recycled polyester fiber-fill, and an one-of-a-kind handmade construction.

Pillow Perfect Christmas Truck Decorative Lumbar Pillow, 12" x 1

Party Games
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