60,Pack,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Daylight,29円,LED,A19,/barathea620475.html,Bulb,,5000K,,bizybe.com,Equivalent,,48,Watt,Light 60,Pack,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,Daylight,29円,LED,A19,/barathea620475.html,Bulb,,5000K,,bizybe.com,Equivalent,,48,Watt,Light 48 Pack A19 LED 新品 送料無料 Light Bulb Equivalent 60 Daylight 5000K Watt 29円 48 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K, Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 48 Pack A19 LED 新品 送料無料 Light Bulb Equivalent 60 Daylight 5000K Watt 29円 48 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K, Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

48 Pack A19 LED 新品 送料無料 Light Bulb Equivalent 60 日本未発売 Daylight 5000K Watt

48 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K,


48 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K,

Product description

Q: How many hours can it be lasting ?
A: Average 15,000 hours, up to 13.7 years.

Q: Do they flash or buzz?
A: No, they're no flicker, silence and eyes caring.

Q: What's the light color?
A: The lights are 3000K warm white, 8.5W, light bulbs 60 watt, 750lm.

Q: Can these be used in outdoor covered fixtures?
A: Yes.

Q: Are these bulbs good for enclosable fixtures?
A: Yes, they are MUCH cooler than standard incandescent bulbs.

Q: Is this bulb instant on?
A: Yes, no warm up time and right back on if you turn it off and need it back on quickly.

Q: Is this the standard base for an ordinary table lamp?
A: Yes, it will fit E26 (the standard US lamp socket) and E27 (EUR) sockets. A19 is a bulb shape and not a socket spec.

Q:If I received broken bulbs what should I do?
A:Please feel free to contact us asap, our service center will reply within 24 hours to solve your problems.

48 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb, 60 Watt Equivalent, Daylight 5000K,


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