KEEN Women's Astoria 100%品質保証! West Toe Open Sandal West,61円,KEEN,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,Women's,/barathea168975.html,Sandal,Astoria,Toe,Open 61円 KEEN Women's Astoria West Open Toe Sandal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women 61円 KEEN Women's Astoria West Open Toe Sandal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women West,61円,KEEN,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,Women's,/barathea168975.html,Sandal,Astoria,Toe,Open KEEN Women's Astoria 100%品質保証! West Toe Open Sandal

KEEN Women's Astoria 100%品質保証 West Toe お値打ち価格で Open Sandal

KEEN Women's Astoria West Open Toe Sandal


KEEN Women's Astoria West Open Toe Sandal

Product description

"We deserve good-looking shoes – designed just for us, that will also perform well." That was the mindset of our designer when she transformed our iconic hybrid sandal into an open-toe, active wedge sandal with a women's-specific fit and slip-resistant grip. The Astoria West Open Toe Sandal for women is built off KEEN’s traditional wider footwear form. KEEN products are consciously created using a natural, probiotic-based technology called Eco Anti-Odor for breaking down odor in sweat, PFC-free water repellent (in applicable styles) and leather sourced from Leather Working Group (LWG)-certified tanneries. KEEN makes shoes to make a difference. From the products it makes, to the actions it takes, KEEN inspires people to live and work monumental every day. As a brand born for life outside, KEEN has a responsibility to protect and conserve the places where all people live, play and work.

KEEN Women's Astoria West Open Toe Sandal


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