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高品質 Kenneth Cole New ☆新作入荷☆新品 York Boot Counter Men's Point

Kenneth Cole New York Men's Counter Point Boot


Kenneth Cole New York Men's Counter Point Boot

Product description

Handsome. Clean-lined. Classic. Cut from fine leather, the Counter Point from Kenneth Cole New York is a casually elegant boot that’s made to last. Grounded by a long-wear rubber sole, it features elastic side gores over a split collar for a more personal fit, plus back pull tabs for easy entry. Padded footbeds mean you’ll wear these from office through dinner date and beyond.

Kenneth Cole New York is the American designer brand with a conscience. It's the thinking man's brand, a distinction that's more important than ever as today's consumer sees real value in a shared belief system with the brands they support. With Kenneth C

From the manufacturer

Kenneth Cole New York Men's Counter Point Boot

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